We’re into the third episode of our Learn To Cheer video series, and this week coach Tan Yee Ming of Cheer Aspirations will be showing us how a 360 mount with a forward peel dismount is done.

And trust us, these photos here don’t do the stunt any justice. To get a feel of how awesome it looks in real time, log on to our R.AGE YouTube channel ( or use our iSnap feature on this page.

Oh, and if you feel like giving the 360 mount a try, just don’t. These cheerleaders are made from some tough stuff, and without a proper cheerleading coach around, you’ll probably just hurt yourself.

Stunt name: 360 mount with a forward peel dismount

Level of difficulty: Intermediate-advanced

Step 1:

The main base grips the flyer’s right foot.



Step 2:

The main base, second base and spotter drives the flyer up and turns her 90 degrees to the right.



Step 3:

The bases lift the flyer up by extending their arms, while the flyer does a scorpion stretch.



Step 4:

The flyer does an arabesque stretch.



Step 5:

To dismount, the flyer leans forward and does a 360 degree roll while the bases support her back. During the roll, the flyer extends one leg forward first, while the bases hold on to the other leg.



Still not enough cheerleading action for you? Come and catch the top secondary school cheerleading teams in the country live at the Cheer 2013 finals, taking place on June 29 and 30 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. And of course, admission is free.


Cheer 2013 is organised by R.AGE and presented by MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk. Silkygirl is the main sponsor and Sugus is the co-sponsor. Red FM is the official radio station.


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