It’s the last week of our Learn to Cheer video series and to wrap it all up, we have an advanced stunt for you, a 360 full around with a braced front flip dismount. Do NOT try this at home!

Log on to our R.AGE YouTube channel ( to watch our professional cheerleaders perform this insane stunt, as well as the others you’ve missed.

For more crazy cheerleading stunts, performed LIVE, make sure you join us for the Cheer 2013 finals! It’s happening on June 29 and 30 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, and admission is free.

But before that, we’ll be releasing a final performance video by our Learn To Cheer coaches next week, rounding up all the stunts they’ve shown you over the past six weeks. Stay tuned for that!

Stunt name: 360 full around and braced front flip dismount.
Level of Difficulty: Advanced

Step 1:
Using an elevator lift (pic #1), the bases drive the flyer up – releasing her in mid-air while she spins 360 degrees – and catches her feet while their arms are in full extension. (pic #2)


Pic #1


Pic #2

Step 2:
The bases lower the flyer back to an elevator position. The flyer then holds on to the bases’ front hands for the dismount.

Step 3:
To perform the front tuck dismount, the bases and spotter drive the flyer’s feet up and releases them. The flyer does a forward flip and extends a leg as a variation (pic#3), bending her knees right before she lands.


R.AGE would like to thank the professional cheerleaders from Cheer Aspirations for performing all the stunts in our Learn To Cheer video series. To watch the entire series, log on to


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