It must be pretty exciting to be sitting in a studio, waiting for a football superstar to appear. Ian Yee has been doing just that all week.

First, he met Barcelona’s Lionel Messi who is arguably one of the best football players ever and yesterday, he caught up with Chelsea’s Frank Lampard. But what happens when a star like Fernando Torres doesn’t show up? That is exactly what Ian Yee was experiencing less than an hour ago after having spent the last nine hours waiting for the star – and taking pictures of a body double who looks so similar to the footballer that it’s uncanny. See for yourself!

Fernando Torres' body double!

Fernando Torres' body double!

But this post isn’t about look-a-likes. If you’ve been following R.AGE’s Twitter account, you would have noticed tweets from Ian in Liverpool with updates on Fernando Torres’ foot injury. He dropped us a message for you guys:

The Liverpool star tipped to spearhead the much fancied Spanish national team’s World Cup campaign has suffered a serious knee injury that might rule him out of the tournament.

I am at Liverpool now where I was supposed to interview Torres after a photo and video shoot for a World Cup advertising campaign, and I have learned from reliable sources that he is set to undergo knee surgery.

The surgery will almost certainly rule him out of the remainder of the English Premier League season and Liverpool FC’s push for Champions League qualification. His chances to make it for the World Cup are also very slim.

The production crew for the shoot had waited since 6am with their set already prepared as we were told Torres would be arriving early after a doctor’s appointment in the morning.

Torres had been struggling with a niggling knee injury which needed assessment by a specialist doctor.

But after waiting for nine hours, news came through that Torres would not only have to miss the shoot, but that his involvement in the entire advertising campaign would have to be cancelled.

Dismantling the set

Dismantling the set

As the crew dismantled the set, word started to spread over the reason for the sudden cancellation.

A crew member joked about the irony of a line on one of the cue cards that said “I’m sorry I can’t be with you now. But you will see me in South Africa”.

Sources involved in the ad campaign later told me that he had to report back to Liverpool FC after the extent of his injury was discovered.

When it was discovered that he would most likely miss the World Cup, the plugged was pulled on the entire shoot.

Personally, I’m pretty disappointed to have missed a chance to interview the best striker in the world in my opinion, but the news will come as an even bigger blow to Liverpool and Spain fans.

So, we might not see Torress in the World Cup, which basically means that he’s done for the season. But what can you do? Maybe this little video clip of his body double juggling the ball might cheer you up?

Here’s a video of Torres’ body double doing some juggling during the camera checks. Not bad. on

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