Kicking off with Pelé

Conversations with the football icon during his first visit to KL.

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Kick, score and conquer

Two Malaysian teens net the chance of a lifetime to train at QPR Academy in London.

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When Harry met R.AGE

By IAN YEE WHEN we told some British sports journalists during the Laureus World Sports Awards (held in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago) that we would be interviewing Harry Redknapp, they had a few words of warning. “He can explode,” said one of them. “Don’t ask him stupid questions.” Of course, we had already […]

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One goal

By SHERRINDER KAUR TO many people, football is a beautiful game, while to some, it’s just 22 people chasing a ball around. But on the eve of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Annual Awards night, football proved to be so much more than a game. The AFC, in partnership with the Asian Football Development […]

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Kickin’ it!

By KEVIN TAN TWO years ago, freestyle football enthusiasts Ariff Karim, 21, and Mohd Zaid, 23, met at a freestyle football event in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. They discovered that they worked well together, fast became friends and even came up with original tricks together. Freestyle football, simply put, is an art of expressing […]

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Nam the man

AS a professional freestyle footballer, Irishman Hoai-Nam Nguyen, 33, has travelled the world performing his amazing repertoire of football tricks and skills. Starting out as a street performer in Dublin over a decade ago, freestyle football was just something “Nam The Man” did because it happened to earn him more money than waiting tables at […]

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Freestyle ventures

By KEVIN TAN WHEN four passionate Malaysian freestyle footballers heard about the Vietnam Freestyle Football Championships (VFFC), which happened in May. they saw an opportunity and signed up right away. Organised by Asian Freestyle Football Federation (AF3), the VFFC is an open competition for freestylers all across Asia. Airi Azni, 17, Ariff Karim, 21, […]

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Careless tweeters

By IAN YEE EVERY Friday, I like to take a few hours to do what we here at R.AGE call #RAGEchat, where we basically ask our followers on Twitter what they think about our stories. After a long hard week of interviews, photoshoots, research, writing and getting screamed at for not submitting our pages […]

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Defining greatness

By IAN YEE YOU know there will always be some big-mouthed, know-it-all out there waiting to poop on a party; and last week, that man was former England international Chris Waddle. Even when Alex Ferguson retired, I had the feeling it was coming. Some genius pundit was going to nit-pick on his success and […]

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The end of Fergie time

By IAN YEE NOW that Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has finally retired, you really have to wonder how the chewing gum industry will fare without its biggest advocate. Hairdryer manufacturers, too, would probably be freaking out right about now. But such is the measure of the man that his departure has actually caused […]

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