Football’s third dimension

AS I was watching Patrice Evra hurl his breakfast on the pristine Old Trafford turf in England last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think – what would that look like in 3D?

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Liverpool’s Fernando Torres might be out of World Cup!

It must be pretty exciting to be sitting in a studio, waiting for a football superstar to appear. Ian Yee has been doing just that all week.

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Football starstruck

R.AGe reporter Ian Yee is on a one-week adventure that will make all you football fans go green with envy.

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Funny football names

I know it’s never nice to laugh at someone’s name, but there are some out there that just make you go “what were their parents thinking?”

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Future Football

BEFORE we all became completely wired to Facebook like some freaky prequel to Surrogates (I don’t know why I’m even referencing that wretched movie), there was a time when football banter used to take place in the non-digital world, believe it or not.

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Rising stars

The festive season can be extremely cruel, like five minutes of added time to Alex Ferguson when he’s losing.

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Down memory lane

There are many wonderful memories from the 1998/1999 English Premier League football season – at least for Manchester United fans like myself.

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Striking gold

After catching up with Andy Cole last week, I started to remember some of the great strikers I used to admire during the 90s.

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Hosting with Debs & Shebs

Predicting football scores is like trying to figure out the ending to Lost – it’s like somebody’s actually trying really hard to lead you in the opposite direction.

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