R.AGe reporter Ian Yee is on a one-week adventure that will make all you football fans go green with envy. Yesterday, he met football superstar, Lionel Messi, in Barcelona and who he really wanted to take  a picture with.

However, Ian had a really hard time trying to get past the bodyguard but in the end, as he said it, “It pays to be shameless!”. Yes, he got the picture with the famed footballer. Or so he claims.

We’re trying to get him to send it to us soon as evidence!

Tomorrow, Ian will be meeting with Frank Lampard in London and later on, Fernando Torres in Liverpool (yes, you may let your jaw drop now). The BIG question is: Will he get a picture with them too?!

How far would Ian go to fulfil his dream of getting a picture with people you usually only see on television? Well, we would just have to wait and see!

or you could just follow @thestar_rage ( on Twitter where Ian will be updating us on the go. In the mean time, if you missed out on his tweets when he met Messi, you can catch them below:

Want to be part of the action and be in the know of what’s happening? You know what you gotta do! 😉

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