Misbehavin’ boys

IT’S easy to see why Manchester United are the most hated football club in England after the events of the last couple of weeks.

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Back to form

IT WAS inevitable that last Sunday’s FA Community Shield match between Manchester United and Chelsea would be England fans’ first chance at booing their flopping FIFA World Cup 2010 stars.

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Shooting with the Stars

My “behind-the-scenes” trip of Maxis’ upcoming World Cup advertising campaign wasn’t just about stalking Lionel Messi in Barcelona.

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Meeting Messi

GOING to the studio in Barcelona, Spain, where footballer Lionel Messi was about to shoot an advertising campaign felt like entering some top secret government spy meeting.

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Football’s third dimension

AS I was watching Patrice Evra hurl his breakfast on the pristine Old Trafford turf in England last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think – what would that look like in 3D?

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Frank-ly speaking

ON THE pitch, Frank Lampard looks like he’s one of the most intense footballers in the English Premier League.

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Football starstruck

R.AGe reporter Ian Yee is on a one-week adventure that will make all you football fans go green with envy.

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Trip of a lifetime

Check it out guys: I’m going to meet Lionel Messi, Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres!!!

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