So how was your weekend? If you are a Magic player or a die-hard fan, did you have fun?

All over the world, and in Malaysia as well, pre-release tournaments were held to mark the release of M11 this Friday.

Well pre-releases meant that everyone who took part played with the cards nearly a week before the set’s official debut in shops everywhere.

In case you missed out, the official spoiler list on Wizards is already up, here.

The initial buzz seems to be fairly positive: it’s the second time they’re doing a “new format” core set, but boy is it a whole load of fun!

Much of the positive buzz centers on the awesome card mix, which has some old and new cards.

A number of staples are back that were in M10, such as Lightning Bolt, Baneslayer Angel and the cycle of five Planeswalkers.

What’s new are a slew of new stuff that looks powerfully compelling. Many players, fans and collectors will soon be very well-acquainted with the likes of the new Titans, Brittle Effigy, Mystifying Maze, Mass Polymorph, and many more, in the months to come.

No doubt the coming weeks will see many players trying to break and find out new ways to take their decks to new heights, with M11’s finest, so keep your eyes peeled people.

In the meantime, do check out for the latest game news and strategy articles, as well as

I will leave you all today with Sam Stoddard’s feature on, who shared with us his excitement for the set. See if you agree with him, on the list of M11 cards to watch out for.

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