The curtains has come down on Imagine Cup 2010.

Just walking down the lobby of the hotel today, the few bodies that float about it is reminiscent of a ghost town compared to the flurry of activities that have been keeping it busy and buzzing over the last seven days.

Yesterday night, the World Festival of the Imagine Cup 2010 was held, where the finalist participating at the event were presented with their throphy’s, mock cheques and for one team, the Imagine Cup.

Malaysia had two teams representing them in Warsaw, Poland, where the competition was held – both teams were in the finals. However, neither took home a prize.

Nonetheless, Malaysia has a lot to be proud of as these two finalist teams consisted of seven participants out of the 325,000 who took part in the event this year in their respective country; only 400 made it to the world finals.

You can read more details on how the Malaysians did here in Warsaw by reading this article, and this other article I had written.

That’s all from me in Warsaw, folks. Thanks for following my tweets and posts!

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