There are three Malaysian teams in the finals at the Imagine Cup 2010, and also the first time one of our teams have made it into the final round of the software design category.

Yesterday, Team HDC from UCTI created Imagine Cup history by becoming the first Malaysian team to be in the finals and stand a chance to win the actual Imagine Cup. Software design is the primary category at the event.

Malaysia is already guaranteed a win. In the Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award pre-event category, TARC’s Hypo Team have already placed third.


USM’s Team TEC4Life (pictured above) is also in Poland and yesterday presented in the final round of the Envisioning 2020 Award category. There were six teams that competed in the finals, after they were shortlisted via video submissions prior to the event.

The software category has 68 teams at the start of the event vying for the Cup.

I wrote a full report for The Star’s InTech on yesterday’s proceedings. You can read the story here.

Today, all teams at the Imagine Cup will take a breather and organisers have planned a massive excursion for all participants and crew at a palace two-hours away from Warsaw, where a carnival is due to be held!

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