Uh-oh…how is the teen starlet going to handle this kind of personal catastrophe? She’s already wild as it is…

so, do you think that this divorce is only going to get her act wilder?

Together no more....*sob*

Together no more....*sob*

You know how it is in movies right, when a kid’s parent file for divorce, the kid either:

a. Goes super wild

b. Turns in to psychopath

c. Hides from the world

and blames everything on the parents’ divorce.

So, which one of the above will be Miley’s plan of acting out on her parents sudden decision to separate after 17 years of marriage?

The couple, who cited irreconcilable differences (isn’t that always the excuse?) as the reason for separation, have five children together (two from mom Tish’s previous marriage).

Billy Ray Cyrus has requested for shared custody for the three youngest kids (Miley included) and we’ll just have to see how it goes then.

Sharm says: Let’s just hope that the family leaves behind all the drama that comes with a celebrity divorce. Poor Miley doesn’t need more attention on her already scrutinised life.

Another one bites the dust

Awww…not only are Selena  and Dan not together on Gossip Girl anymore (I think, coz it’s really hard to keep up with those hormonal teen characters), they are not a couple in real life as well.

Penn: It's time to move on girl. Blake: Yeah, I'm way too hot for you anyway.

Penn: It's time to move on girl. Blake: Yeah, I'm way too hot for you anyway.

After years of dating, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have called it quits and while the boys are rejoicing (Blake back on the market), true Gossip Girl fans (are there any left?) are mending their broken hearts.

Despite numerous photographic evidence of the couple smooching and canoodling between takes on the set of Gossip Girl, the couple’s rep have confirmed the split.

Oh, there’s also been talks that Blake was seen getting super cosy with her new co-star Ryan Gosling….ooohhh…think it has got something to do with the spilt?

Sharm says: Ryan + Blake = ? I don’t know..I kinda like it.

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