Looks like the Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) spoilers are coming in thick and fast at,

They got it off an MTGSalvation forum spoiler by the way, which was from someone snapping pictures off the promo poster for the set.

Oh lookie here, a new Glissa, and she’s a Zombie too! Hmmm perfect synergy with a certain Zombie Artifact creature I must say 🙂

Much better than the old one I must say.

And by the way, looks like six mana just got a little more dangerous, going by how the new Thopter Factory is set to be like. Scars gave us Wurmcoil Engine, and M11, the awesome Titans – well, add the upcoming Thopter Factory in the mix then!

Five 1/1 colorless flyers ain’t nothing to sneeze at, and will certainly be a handful. Throw in pumps, enchantments that boost your critters and the like, and it can be game over by turn seven folks!

Of course, the ugliness or mayhem arrives earlier with mana ramping so easily nowadays. Hmm, Green-Artifact beatdown anyone?

Oh, and in case you missed it, do check out’s Mirrodin Besieged art selection previews here. Can you tell which art goes for which card?

In the meantime, may you enjoy your year-end holidays!

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