April 1 will herald the arrival of the latest intro-level Magic: the Gathering product, the Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons two-player deck assortment.

The special item continues the fine tradition of past Duel Decks, this time, by giving us two 60-card, ready-to-play decks.

The Knights is a rush-style, indestructible-themed Green-White deck, while the Dragons will feature a host of Red winged, well, dragons (what else) as well as their ever-present lackeys, the Goblins.

Plenty of buzz and discussion will ensue once the product is available, but the chatter’s starting already, with a capsule review (preview?) of sorts at (by Daniel Tack), here (

He doesn’t think the Red Dragons have a chance against the swift Knights. Judging by the list previewed, I tend to agree with him, having been in the wrong end of a number of beatings by White Knight decks of a similar-ish build, late last year.

Duel decks knights VS dragons

Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons

The Duel Decks series is known for their value for money though, and this one promises to give players back their ROI (return on investment), by the alternate art, and shiny, Knight of the Reliquary. Preview art looks solid, and is tempting enough for me to buy a set, even though my playsets are complete for that card, as well as the Knight Exemplar.

The choice of the other cards made me go “meh” though – seriously Wizards, Grasslands? With the M10 / M11 duals being so affordable, was it so much to hope for at least one of those puppies?

Well, I’ll say this: this is another one of those perfect entry-level hook-in products, for newbies or even players who have left the Magic fold, aeons ago. I’d buy it solely for the awesome White knights!

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