World of Warcraft (WoW) Trading Card Game (TCG) fans take note, for there’s new stuff to be bought at your favorite game store!


The new Dungeon Decks, 2011 Fall Class Starters and Thrones of Tides expansion packs are now available. Yup, triple whammy in time for the coming holiday season? Need stocking stuffers for yourself, or friends? Look no further than these bunch of latest WoW TCG products!


The Dungeon Decks feature all-new treasure cards which make awesome upgrades to your existing decks. You can also buy one of the Dungeon Decks, which give you an awesome quest way of playing WoW TCG.


Beginners and experienced players will love the new Class starters. A follow-up to the very awesome 2011 Summer Class Starters, this special 61-card product gives us ten new heroes, and each deck contain one booster pack (from the War of the Elements expansion). Pretty darn worth it, for RM50 a pop I say!


And to sweeten the deal, each of the Fall Class Starters will have one random common, uncommon, rare or epic reprint from an older WoW TCG expansion block. Yes, these reprints mean that they return to the current Core format! Wow indeed!


Finally, if you’re looking to crack just booster packs, look no further than the Thrones of the Tides that just came in. Murlocs, and all forms of new monstrosities plus the usual plethora of allies, abilities, quests and equipment are in this set. Well, go crazy, but not too crazy!


The latest WoW TCG products were sighted in Comics Mart, Mid-Valley Mega Mall and ought to be seen in better game shops. Good luck hunting for them!


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