Earlier this month, celebrity pest blogger Perez Hilton stopped by AJ in the Morning, a San Diego radio show for an interview.

While the topic was on Michael Jackson’s untimely passing, host AJ Machado asked Perez if there is another celebrity he believes will share Michael’s fate.

“Brittany Murphy maybe,” replied Perez. (How freaky…and terrible at the same time!)

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Brittany, 32, who suffered a cardiac arrest, was found unconcious in her shower at her home and was later pronounced dead.

The Clueless, 8Mile and Just Married actress was believed to have been suffering from an eating disorder, which some said tied to a cocaine habit.

Celebrity tweets have been pouring in, offering their deepest condolences to Brittany’s family over the actress’ sudden death.

R.I.P Brittany. You will be missed

Sharm says:¬† I may not have watched all of her movies, but I’ve always found her fascinating and quirky – especially on red carpets.

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