Don’t you just love getting pampered?

I’ve never been big on manicures, pedicures or massages (mostly because I don’t have nails, and massages are painful), so when I need to relax I head to a salon to have my hair washed and blown.

Armed with a good book, or magazines, I love sitting on those swivel chairs, making small talk with the stylist and drinking hot tea.

Last week, as part of DiGi Music’s Year-End Bash, them good folks brought me and two other reporters on a media treat, to give us an idea of what the winnners of their on-going competition would experience on Boxing Day.

See, DiGi Music is currently running a competition for their subscribers. Basically all they have to do is sign their friends up, and the person with the most friends will win the competition.

Winning isn’t the best part, it’s the prizes that await the lucky person (and three of his or her friends). The idea of the competition is to give the lucky winner and his/her friends a taste of what it’s like to live like a celebrity for a day. Basically they’ll be chauffeured around all day, brought to lunch and dinner and essentially be pampered all day.

The winner and friends will go through a day complete with RM500 Topshop/Topman shopping vouchers each, a hair and make-up session, dinner at Zouk Club and a private party at Phuture, Zouk, that same night (the winner can bring 19 friends to the party).

That’s not all – the winner and her/his three main friends will get Spa vouchers to help them recover after all that partying.

Of course, the three of us media didn’t get to experience the second half of the day, but we were brought to Shunji Matsuo hair studio at the Boulevard Offices next to Midvalley for hair and makeup.

The lovely Money Wong did my hair, while Mavis gave my eyebrows a lift with some spectacular makeup. Check it out :

Mavis and me

Mavis and me

The Money shot

The Money shot

Peik Hoon from Jasmine magazine:


Hidayah from Harian Metro:


Yup, those are Topshop vouchers we’re holding. Go figure 🙂

The winners are lucky! Look out for their pics on my blog soon.

In the meantime, find out more about DiGi Music here:

UPDATE! The fun didn’t stop with me, as a few weeks after my pampering session, winner Nurlyn Syaheera Khir Abdul Rahman, 16, won herself the same experience as I went through.

She brought along her mother and sister for her salon and shopping sessions, and brought a bunch of friends to Alexis for the party!

Nurlyn, after her makeover, with her mother and sister

Nurlyn, after her makeover, with her mother and sister

Nurlyn and her family and friends having a ball at Alexis

Nurlyn and her family and friends having a ball at Alexis

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