APART from pom-pons, cute outfits and a whole lot of guts, you know what else is crucial to producing an awesome Cheer 2013 routine? Make-up.

That’s right. As a performance sport, cheerleading is just as much about aesthetics as it is athletics. Presentation plays a huge part in how well you’ll score.

And that’s precisely why Cheer 2013 main presenter Silkygirl will be setting up a make-up counter at the finals (as they have done over the last few years) so all the cheerleaders will be able to touch-up their war paint – and get a complimentary makeover and photoshoot!


“We love the cheerleaders and we want them to look good and feel good so they can perform better,” said Ng Chee Eng, CEO of Alliance Cosmetic Group Sdn Bhd, the parent company of the Silkygirl brand.

Silkygirl first came on board as a Cheer sponsor back in 2007, and since then they have become almost synonymous with the healthy, wholesome and exciting event.

Team Vivacious captain Elizabeth Ong, 16, from SMK (P) St. George, Penang, said that having good make-up on isn’t just about impressing the judges and the crowd. It helps to boost the cheerleaders’ confidence as well.

“The colours we put on will show how much life there is in the team and it brings out the liveliness of the girls,” said Ong, whose team emerged as first runners-up in the Cheer 2013 Northern Region Finals last weekend.

Over the past few years, teams have been upping the ante with their make-up at Cheer thanks to the Best Make-up Award, sponsored by Silkygirl. Last year’s winner, the Calyx All-Girls from SMJK Katholik, Selangor, even hired a professional make-up artist to help them with their designs!

“In recent years, we have seen teams become more daring and creative with their make-up. There are teams that draw stars around their eyes. A few years ago, they only had very basic make-up,” added Ng. “


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