Pre-fall is here, and with it, come new trends to look out for.


WE may not have chilly windy days that bring autumn leaves tumbling from trees to collect in yellow piles at our feet to signify the coming of fall, but that’s no reason to ignore pre-fall fashion.

In countries in the Northern Hemisphere, people are stocking up on warm clothing like trenches, coats, hats, boots and sweaters in preparation for fall, but in our tropical climate, we too can adopt some of these trends with a few tweaks here and there.

Spring/summer is fading out, and with it, the bright and bold colours that defined that happy-go-lucky style of the first few months of the year.

That doesn’t mean we should stop wearing colours completely, only that we should take it down a notch – there are plenty of brand new colours and keytrends to adopt in the latest pre-fall collections to hit runways. Here’s a few things you should check out:

The hue to have

If you were sporting tangerine and bright pink earlier in the year, it is now timeto move on to darker, moodier colours to be in theme with the season.

Shades of red are in this pre-fall season

Burgundy, wine, geranium red, blood red and many other hues will be everywhere in stores, on every piece of clothing imaginable. Just because it’s pre-fall, you don’t have to restrict yourself to solids – wear your reds in polka dots, floral, geometric and nature-inspired prints.

Silhouette shape

Inspired by fashion of the 1950s, designers are bringing back the best of the female shape yet again. Attire which shows off a defined waist are the way to go this season – be it with flared dresses, neat jackets or high-waisted pants.

Pre-fall is full of 50s-inspired styles.

Belts help enhance the mid-section, but what is really taking the fashion world by storm is the tuxedo cummerbunds as an alternative to belts.

Boyish vibe

It is a great time to search your man’s wardrobe for stuff you can wear, as menswear is being used to toughen up overtly feminine outfits.

The boyfriend blazer is popular yet again, but has been given an update – look for them in beige leather and checks, which is really huge right now.

Footwear ideas

It may be too hot to walk around in thigh-high boots or even the ones that fall just below the knee, so it’s a good thing brands are offering up a few great solutions for footwear lovers in humid climates.

Experiment with footwear this pre-fall

Among them, platform booties which are chic and practical, and most importantly, comfortable.

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