After months of hearing negative comments on Robert Pattinson’s unkempt look, the actor took notice and made some changes.

The problem is…he doesn’t look so good all cleaned up! Check out the photo taken at the recent Orange BAFTA Awards in London. Doesn’t he look like a wet chicken?

He’s clearly showered, shaved and fixed his hair…but he kinda lost his charm, you know what I mean?

We want the old R-Patz back. The one who looks as if he’s not showered for months and have a hairstyle to match…and probably smell like that too.

Sharm says: Well, if that’s him attempting to comb his hair, then please, throw away your comb for good!

Travis gone crazy

Remember when I said Travis Barker is losing his mind….we’ll now we have video evidence of that.

Travis, who’s usually cordial to photographers went ballistic when one of them simply said “Hi!” to him.


The drummer, who’s carrying his daughter Alabama, was heard threatening the photographer who didn’t know how to react to the superstar.

Sharm says: I told you he’s a bit off, right?

Silly Jessica

Jessica Simpson is not one to let some crap-spewing dude (aka John Mayer) bring her down with nasty words (eventhough he kinda referred to her as a drug in a recent interview with some magazine).

The silly songstress posted this cute pic of herself on Twitter, donning a facial mask…that eerily reminds me of the one Hannibal Lecter wears!

Anyway, this pic was posted to generate some buzz for her upcoming desperate attempt to revive her career TV show documentary The Price of Beauty.

Jessica in a mask

Jessica in a mask

Sharm says: Jessica sure does know how to make us laugh…with this pic, her fashion sense and singing career.

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