Should we forgive him?

Tiger Wods  is seen publicly for the first time on golf course in Windermere, Florida yesterday.

The pro-golfer seemed to be in good spirits and even smiled for the cameras (or maybe he was just smiling for no reason).

As you all know, Tiger is ready to make a public apology – although no cameras will be allowed during the conference. (I’m not sure if he’ll be smiling then)

First of all, why is he apologising to the public? I don’t remember being affected by his actions at all but that’s just me.

I don’t know how you guys feel about Tiger taking on 14 mistresses (that’s only the ones who have come out publicly!) and tarnishing his good boy image.

Do you think Tiger should apologise to the public? If yes, what should he say to us? If no, why shouldn’t he apologise?

The best replies win two movie passes courtesy of Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC).

Just leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you. This ‘forum’ is only open until Feb 24, 2010…so get your opinions out and ready!



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