You gotta hand it to him. Harry’s post-match comments are just about as entertaining and cavalier as his team on the pitch, and his four-letter outburst at some Spurs fans a couple days ago is just the latest in a long line of Redknapp gems.

Despite looking doped half the time, Redknapp can be a combustible character.

Despite looking doped half the time, Redknapp can be a combustible character.

Pockets of Spurs fans have been criticising Redknapp for, y’know, getting them to the Champions League quarters and all… Apparently that’s not good enough for the perennial pretenders, who the fans believe should be higher up in the league than their current 5th spot. 

THIS is what Harry had to say in response:

I don’t go to sleep worrying about it, thinking ‘I’ve got to get in the Champions League because Tottenham are always in it every year!’

Yeah, Tottenham always used to finish above Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool … they get in every year. I have come here and f***ed up their team!

If we finish fifth and reach the Champions League quarter-finals … what can you do? I will not lose any sleep over it.

Whether other people who don’t know football are satisfied, I don’t know. Are we really supposed to finish above Man City, after the money they have spent? And Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United…? I think I can win the title with Tottenham but I can’t put a time-frame on it.

Couldn’t have said it any better. Spurs are doing marvellously, and they’re great to watch. Every team has had ups and downs this season, from table toppers United to West Ham, who are now playing with the swagger of Arsenal without the back five.

The fans really need to learn to back their manager and be less fickle. It’s all this needless complaining that’s really f***ing up the team.

“No f***ing wheeler dealer”

It’s not the first time Redknapp has let slip during an interview. Here’s another of his classics, when he took exception to interviewer Rob Palmer calling him a “wheeler dealer”. Which he is. But nobody likes to have the obvious pointed out to them, right? Anyway, HILARIOUS clip:

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