I have to say that it’s not very often that a science-fiction-themed boardgame gets unveiled. Fantasy Flight Games’ Relic looks like it’s coming at the right time, as it’s a Warhammer 40K boardgame using the Talisman Game System.


Similar to that classic fantasy boardgame, but in a futuristic setting, two to four Warhammer 40K heroes venture forth to adventure, collect upgrades and special items, and complete missions.


With ten Heroes and five Scenarios to choose from, Relic promises spades of fun. It’s going to be slightly different from the Talisman you’re probably so fond of, such as three distinct Threat decks (this replaces the fantasy game’s Adventure Deck).


More previews incoming in the coming weeks, with communities such as having more buzz and chatter as well, when GenCon 2012 happens from August 16th to 19th. Stay tuned!


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