Talisman on your iPad

As much as I am a Windows-device advocate, I have to concede that Apple is where it’s at, games-wise.   There’s a pretty lively virtual boardgaming scene there too, and the recent The Unofficial Apple Weblog announcement on Talisman Prologue being out this week, kind of sums up what we’ve suspected all along. Yes, playing iPad […]

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Relic is coming

I have to say that it’s not very often that a science-fiction-themed boardgame gets unveiled. Fantasy Flight Games’ Relic looks like it’s coming at the right time, as it’s a Warhammer 40K boardgame using the Talisman Game System.   Similar to that classic fantasy boardgame, but in a futuristic setting, two to four Warhammer 40K heroes […]

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Talisman expansion – howling good?

Well what do you know, looks like Talisman, the dungeoneering boardgame that’s now made by Fantasy Flight Games might turn out to be one of those boardgames that might have the most number of expansions ever!   It’s time to go howling, as the next expansion, The Blood Moon, has just been announced at the FFG […]

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