Well what do you know, looks like Talisman, the dungeoneering boardgame that’s now made by Fantasy Flight Games might turn out to be one of those boardgames that might have the most number of expansions ever!


It’s time to go howling, as the next expansion, The Blood Moon, has just been announced at the FFG website. Adding over 100 new cards to the classic boardgame, the new expansion will also see a new “Day” and “Night” mechanic that will see certain creatures become better or worse, depending on their ultraviolet tolerances. Hmm, seems like a fairly logical gameplay add-on!


And of course, you’ll also get a cool new Werewolf character to player with – he looks beautiful! The sneak previews to this special expansion should be kicking in, during the coming weeks, as it’s slated for a Q2 2012 release date.


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