Google has just announced a couple more goodies, and it’s really exciting.

The search engine has just released its latest feature (as if it’s not already the more superior search system on the Net at the moment) — real-time search results.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, you’re not just looking at search results which have been archived and catalogued into their system previously.

Now, as and when the Google system discovers new websites, news articles or posts which fits your search, it updates the search stream you are looking at.

So your search may have initially uncovered 10 related websites, but it could turn to 11, or 15, in the blink of an eye.

Let’s take a search that I did for example.

We all (now) know what Tiger Woods have been up to (outside of his bedroom), so a simple search on the term ”Tiger” got me a whole lot of search results.


Naturally, with him being such a star and celebrity, the number of news stories are countless. As I was looking at them, my search stream kept being updated — not only with new articles from various news websites but also, get ready for this, Twitter updates!

Yes, Google had earlier announced that it was partnering up with Twitter to include the social media network’s Tweets in its search engine. Well, now you can get the Tweets live as they come in!

That’s not all. The search engine has annouced other partners as well in conjunction with this live search feature including Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and

What was that, I said? Facebook?

You read right. But don’t worry just yet. Facebook isn’t about to share all your personal information with the world. Not right now, at least.

For the moment, only information from Public Facebook Pages will appear in the search, according to social media site Mashable. Apparently, they are not showing anything from individual profiles just yet – but just keep your Facebook privacy settings in check, lest photos of you running around drunk appear when you Google yourself (oh, come off it, we know you do it!).

And hey, if you’re rushing off to your browser right now to give this a test, hang on. You might be (like me) frustrated to be unable to find the ”Latest results for <your search term” link.

Google has said that they will be rolling this feature out over the next few days.

But, if you are an impatient imp like me, you might want to head over to Google Trends and try it on there.

Just click on one of the Hot Topics links and you’ll be brought to a search stream for that term.

Look for the ”Latest result” link and wait for the updates to appear below it. Or just click on the link, and you’ll be brought to a new stream specifically loading the real-time searches.

I personally think this is a really cool feature and lends to very interesting thoughts about where all our information is going. Best of all, it is set to already work on Android phones and the iPhone!

We already know that nothing is hidden once it goes on the Net but with this, it might just mean that nothing is scared as well.

Niki Cheong is an avid Twitterer, and also has his own blog.

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