TCGs (trading card games) may be at the top of the gaming heap, but looks like LCGs (limited or living card games) are fast gaining some traction.

There may not be too many new LCGs around, but looks like the genre is picking up steam thanks to several high profile releases, and a continuously evolving marketplace.

LCGs such as the Warhammer: Invasion have shown that it really isn’t all about Magic: the Gathering and its ilk.

So what are LCGs? What makes them different from the usual collectible card games? How do they play? What are some of the available ones? Why are they so cool?

I’ll be answering those questions, in my upcoming monthly writeup in the print edition of R.AGE.

Hopefully you’ll then understand that there are cool alternatives to the staple of card games currently available now.

In the meantime, check out this post on a fan’s dream LCGs – well, one is allowed to wish!

Warhammer Invasion - The Greatswords

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