FOR many of us, Christmas is all about Santa Claus and his reindeer, beautifully decorated trees, parties with lots of delicious food, jolly tunes and presents.

 Oh yes, the presents.

 Whether we celebrate Christmas or not, most of us would not think twice about getting into the spirit of things and joining in the merriment, in whatever way possible. It’s a nice way to cap off 12 months’ worth of experiences, memories, adventures and even, misfortunes.

 It is also a good way to welcome the new year, and kickstart a fresh beginning.

 For me, the best thing about Christmas and the end of the year is all that shopping for gifts, and wrapping them up in beautiful paper and colourful ribbons. It may seem a little frivolous to some, but it is the one self-indulgence that I find no fault in having, as it also brings joy to others.

 And though it may be a tired old cliche, it is true what they say – it’s always better to give, than to receive.

 This Christmas, R.AGE would like to give you a world of thanks for being there for us, and we hope that all our readers get whatever they wish for and more.

 We also hope that in the past 12 months, R.AGE has been able to provide you with interesting stories, helpful information and in some way, inspire you to experience new things, expand your knowledge and speak up for what you believe in.

 Merry Christmas and happy holidays. — By Melody L. Goh

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