IT’S the middle of the year, and refreshing spring trends are flying off runways and into stores.

Heaps of fresh and fun styles are everywhere you look, and there’s no time like the present to get in on these trends. Many store windows, websites and magazines have been all floral prints, bright colours and flowy skirts; but there is so much more to spring fashion that we have yet to explore.

There are heaps of other trends for girly-girls, retro enthusiasts and ladies with a more edgy style; and we’ve outlined a few that are flying off store racks all over the world.

Cropped tops

 This trend has been around for quite some time, but it’s back in a big way this spring – from tight, structured corsets to loose-fitting, assymetrical T-shirts, there’s no escaping this must-have item.

The combination of a cropped top with high-waisted shorts, pants or skirts along with some funky accessories is an absolute must-try this season. Cropped blazers and jackets are worth checking out as well.

Of course, not everyone has washboard abs they’re eager to show off but fear not, as wearing a cut-off top doesn’t mean you have to show your midriff. If you’re shy about showing skin, wear a thin camisole underneath your cropped top in a neutral colour, or something in a bright shade, depending on the look you’re going for.

Bare shoulders

Every few months, fashion shines a spotlight on a new body part to show off and right now, shoulders are all the rage. Whether you want to show off both or just one, baring your shoulders in chic evening gowns, casual tops and girly dresses is the way to go this season.

Baring your shoulders in tops and dresses is the in thing at the moment.

One way you can make the most of the bare shoulders look is to pair your top or dress with a statement necklace to really make your look stand out. There are plenty of necklines to choose from when it comes to shouder-baring, and the best thing about this trend is it goes with any body shape.

You’ve got your boatneck. scoop necklines, assymetrical, cowl neck, halter neck and many more; so head to your favourite store and bring one home!


In a hot and humid country like Malaysia, shorts are a godsend, and luckily, they are everywhere this season. Walk into most stores and you’ll find various shorts in different shapes and sizes in almost every material imaginable.

Shorts are the way to go this spring

Ranging from the ever-popular long-slung, naval-bearing type to the high-waisted retro style, there has never been a better time to stock up on this irresistable trend (leather shorts are particularly popular right now). Shorts come in numerous lengths and range from baggy to skintight, and there are many ways to style up this simple design – throw on a pair of patterned tights for a more casual day out or a solid pair of leggings for a less-than-formal day at the office.

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