SOMEBODY please check if there are any cracks on the roof at Putra Stadium, because we’re pretty sure the fans and supporters at Cheer 2013 last weekend almost brought it down!

The atmosphere created by the supporters from all the schools was simply terrific.

But in the end, there could only be one winner of the MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk Best Supporters Award, which went to the SM Sri Kuala Lumpur Cyrens And Rayvens Supporters (SCARS).

With around 600 supporters to cheer on their teams as well as their “rivals” over both days of the competition, it was hard to begrudge them their win.

Led by “captain” Crystal Lee Mun Leng, 17, SCARS took over the stadium with their chants, drum beats, horns, screams and applause.

“There are 20 students in the SCARS committee elected by our vice principal. We have been practising for over two months on our cheers,” she said.

One of the committee’s responsibilities is to recruit students to support the cheerleading teams, which they did by organising pep rallies, making promotional videos and giving out free T-shirt and badges to supporters.

They even maintain a Twitter account, where they posted all the teams’ and supporters activities during Cheer 2013.

To make their presence felt, SCARS also brought along mascots and the school band to the event.

“I just get the crowd to sing and dance around,” said Joyce Gan, 17, who dressed up as Siren – the singing mermaid in Greek mythology.

Coming in a close second for the best supporters award were the fans of Dynamitez and Mickeymitez from SMK Damansara Jaya, who came along with their popular mascot, Dynamick.

“This mascot has been around for many years,” said Mihirssen Gunasegran, 17, the student wearing the costume this year.

The dynamite has been a staple attraction at past Cheer events, and according to Mihirssen, the students consider it an honour to wear the original costume.

“What I have to do is to get everyone ‘crazy’. I jump around a lot to get the crowd going. I feel like a celebrity wearing this because everyone wants to take a picture with me!” he said.

Ung Yu Wen, 16, who helped lead the Dynamick supporters, said it wasn’t an easy task. “It can be stressful, but I still have to put up a strong front and have the spirit to keep the team going,” she explained.

Around 300 Dynamitez and Mickeymitez supporters came via chartered buses.

“We practised our chants with the students during assembly in school, but we practised a lot on our way here in the bus too,” said Ung.

She also thanked the supporters’ parents for helping out. “Not all of us can drive and we depended a lot on our parents to drive us around to buy materials to make the props. We are grateful for all their support.”

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