Marriage, Divorce, Malaysia

Why divorce is on the rise in Malaysia

Divorce rates in Malaysia are almost double they were in 2004. So, what’s changed about marriage?

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Wheels of change

A rollerblader, skateboarder and BMX rider join forces to build a community through extreme sports.

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Paid grade | The Malaysian market for college assignments

THERE’S an emerging black market in Malaysian colleges, and it’s not for illegal substances or sex – it’s for assignments.

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You’ve been scammed

They’ve got fancy websites and amazing services but as one student found out, companies selling assignments online are often cheaters.

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sugar baby

Inside the world of Malaysian sugar babies

Young Malaysian women (and some men) are offering the pleasure of their ‘company’ as sugar babies – for a hefty price.

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Prime Minister

Millennials for change

Asean youth could hold the key to transforming the region, so it was no surprise that the Prime Minister wanted to hear them out.

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Lend a helping hand!

These are the four NGOs that will be present at the SoundsGood concert

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SoundsGood Concert, Volunteer

Do good, feel good, SoundsGood!

The team behind the SoundsGood concert hope to use music to promote volunteerism among young Malaysians.

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Music, Autistic

Modern superheroes

Young therapists in Malaysia are making their mark through their work with special needs children.

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Helping Hands

Making a difference in Cambodia

Four young Malaysians journeyed to Cambodia, hoping to help change the lives of the people there.

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