The ugly truth

Want to know what it’s really like in Cambodia? Check out these statistics!

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Success stories

Here are some of the people we met in Cambodia whose lives have been changed by World Vision.

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Property, Rental, Racism, Rooms, Sign

Room-hunting college students face racial discrimination

Homeowners often advertise a racial preference – and university students looking for a place to stay sometimes have no choice but to put up with it.

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Property, Rental, Racism, Rooms, Sign

Experiment: Calling landlords whose ads state a “preferred race”

Our reporter calls a whole bunch of room-for-rent ads to see if her faith in humanity will be restored.

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Coffee careers

Professionals in the coffee industry spill the beans on different career options available to coffee lovers.

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Street style

The buskers of Cubit-Cubit Rindu celebrate Malaysian music, island-style, every night on Langkawi’s famous Pantai Cenang.

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A league of their own

Professional League of Legends players from Kuala Lumpur Hunters are living the dream – getting paid to play computer games.

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Interview with a former high school marijuana dealer

He was 16 when he sold his first batch of weed at his boarding school, but he quit upon graduation after realising how dangerous the world of drug dealers were.

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Weeding out the myths

R.AGE speaks to Datuk Dr. Andrew Mohanraj to clear the air and get to the bottom about marijuana myths.

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Marijuana madness

R.AGE delves into the world of college/university marijuana dealers.

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