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The Internet has not stopped buzzing ever since Justin Bieber announced that he wants to be a father. The news sent teenage girls all over the world into a frenzy, with each of them hoping to be the lucky one who will “produce” Baby Bieber. Girls, get a grip. First of all, yes, Justin wants […]

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Put a ring on it

LIKE almost everyone else in the world, I spent the whole of last week anticipating Prince William and Kate (or is it Catherine) Middleton’s wedding.

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George Clooney was once married?

OMG…I don’t know if you had known this before but it seriously is a serious piece of news to me!

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Coming Up Live

If you have been following my What The Tweet blog recently, you would have noticed a few posts I put up regarding watching ”entertainment” shows online.

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Hope for Haiti Now live on the web!

Following the exciting live telecast of the Golden Globes Award on the red carpet, social media is again being used by Hollywood.

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