What’s next after SOAC2017?

Starting from July 10, harsher punishments await child sexual predators.

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Taking the next step

R.AGE is stopping its weekly print edition, but we’re not saying goodbye just yet.

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Writing for a change

In an historic move, Members of Parliament from various parties will come together today to support the war against child sexual crimes.

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Law and order

The new child sexual crimes bill will be tabled in Parliament next week. Here’s what we already know.

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Support systems for child survivors

The seminar discussed some of the support services currently available, and the need for improvement.

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UN-ited in ending child sexual crimes

R.AGE speaks to the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Violence against Children.

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Joining forces for children

Various government ministries and agencies are now working together to help put an end to child sexual crimes in Malaysia.

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Talking taboo

A new documentary on paedophilia in Malaysia premieres today, and R.AGE speaks to its director and executive producer Justin Ong.

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The journey for laws against child sexual grooming

We’ve come a long way in the fight to address child sexual crimes, since the launch of the MPs Against Predators campaign.

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Daphne Iking joins fight against child sexual crimes

Daphne Iking hopes to help educate rural communities, especially in her home state of Sabah, about child sexual crimes.

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