Just shoot it

By JASON LIOH The introduction of digital cameras more than a decade ago has revolutionised the way we take photographs. Cost of photography is significantly reduced as users are no longer required to buy rolls after rolls of films and developing them at a photo shop. Instant preview, intelligent guide mode and other built-in camera […]

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Fun with the new Color

SNAPPING pictures and sharing them online is nothing new. But boy, have we come a long way from the early digital cameras and the first camera phones.

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Pictures that speak

By Jason Goh – When I first started blogging, my posts were purely just text … like almost everyone else’s. I soon realised, though, that the “daily reports” can be much more interesting if we know what to add on to the post, and also how we manage the whole thing. It’s like adding salt and sugar to a tasteless dish to whet the appetite, and maybe even get people to keep coming back for more.

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