Oh, baby!

YOU guys know that I love Victoria Beckham, right? And that I secretly want to be just like her and I already have her singing voice to a T. Posh Spice…=) What? I never said that she was a great singer … Anyway, as you all know, last week, my favourite Spice Girl gave birth […]

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Put a ring on it

LIKE almost everyone else in the world, I spent the whole of last week anticipating Prince William and Kate (or is it Catherine) Middleton’s wedding.

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Interviewing David Beckham

Does it count as an interview if I wasn’t actually within 500 miles of him and didn’t get to ask any questions? =P

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David Beckham interview

I was lucky enough to be invited to join a global video conference interview with David Beckham, and here’s the transcript of the interview which I’ve painstakingly typed out for your enjoyment.

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