Pro players

MOST people pick up trading card games like Magic: The Gathering just for fun. But there are those, even locally, whose passion for the game takes them to a whole new level – the world stage.

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Card craze

TRADING card game (TCG) Magic: The Gathering is a big deal. To put it in perspective, Magic has replaced popular board game Monopoly as Hasbro’s best-selling game.

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#Selfie culture

Our BRATs journalist, Ann-Marie Khor, explores the pros and cons of our generation’s latest culture – selfies!

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Behind the hype

IMAGINE if Malaysia gets chosen to host an event like the World Cup one day.

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Prepared for cyber safety

We've all heard stories before – distressed Nigerian princes requesting financial investment, hacked Facebook and Twitter accounts, “catfish” cases involving fake lovers, etc. – without any of it really affecting us.

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I can’t wait for new clothes to roll into my favourite stores.

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