I can’t wait for new clothes to roll into my favourite stores.

This year, will be a year of experimentation, for me at least. I will open my mind to styles I’ve never tried before, dare myself to don accessories I normally wouldn’t touch, and boldly go where many women have gone before me.

Just yesterday my housemate Nadine (and fashion inspirer) left for work in the ‘boyfriend’ look, complete with cufflinks even! Thats some confidence right there!

Even if I don’t even up becoming more adventurous this year, I’ll definitely pay more attention to trends.

So… after some research I’d like to point out some styles I am looking forward to this year. One of the key looks to look forward to this year are short short shorts! Hot pants and boy shorts will be all the rage so there’s no time like the present to hit the gym and get your stems in shape!


High dress splits will also be all over stores everywhere, for that touch of sexy without looking thoroughly indecent.

Now, here’s a look I’ve yet to try out . The jumpsuit and playsuit. Last year I spotted a few ladies working this look, and several stores have already put them out on the racks.

jumpsuitThat, is Bebe, but of course you can find inexpensive alternatives in places like Nichii and Jalan Telawi boutiques in KL.

Sheer fabrics on dresses and tops will be everywhere! Ah, don’t you just love skin peeking out from behind a see-through top like a bride nervously adjusting her veil? Awesome !


Of course there are heaps more trends you should look out for like the one shoulder look, over-the-knee boots and socks, ripped jeans, military fashion and heaps others! Keep your eyes open people!

What are YOU looking forward to wearing this year? 🙂

Tell us what you think!

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