The viral effect

Eight years ago, before YouTube even existed (hard to believe, huh?), Ghyslain Raza became famous around the world because a video of him on the Internet went viral.

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Not joshing around

You could tell from Josh McEachran’s face as he came on for his first Premier League game that the young Chelsea midfielder meant business.

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Buzzing online

It has been quite an exciting week on the technology front. This week, we check out some of the more interesting events from the past week. Craiglist censored Popular web-based free online classified service Craiglist made the news when it plastered a black bar with the word ”Censored” over its usual link to its ”Adult […]

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YouTube videos galore

In my article for today’s What The Tweet in R.AGE, I made a few references to certain YouTube videos. I thought I should embed them here for you for easy viewing.

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Still going strong

Video didn’t kill the radio star, but the Internet probably will. It’s not going to happen real soon but statistics by different organisations in recent times are already showing an upward trend of people starting to watch more videos online than on television.

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All the world’s a-Twittering

The fact that I am addicted to Twitter is, unfortunately, not even a secret anymore.

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