Earlier, I reminisced about how I used to play the Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SW CCG), and how I observed that the game’s design really shows us “oldies” the progression that card gaming has gone through.


Well, card games are a lot simpler nowadays, but hey, if you’d like to hit up on some old-fashioned complexity, SW CCG is actually still “alive”!


Decipher ceased producing in 2001, but the community decided to keep it alive via the SW CCG Players Community. This website actually periodically comes up with “virtual expansions” – printable PDF files, which are updated game text to old cards that Decipher used to make.


The intent in constantly updating and refreshing the cards , is to make older, less relevant cards stronger, and more popular. These virtual expansions are free – download, and print away!


Great concept I gotta say. The Players Committee is actually officially sanctioned, having reached out to Decipher Inc in their early days, as they continued to hold independent, yet officially sanctioned competitions and events.


So, willing to give this a try? Do tweet me at or leave me feedback below.

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