contents-walking-deadI’m a huge fan of zombie movies and such, and over the past month or so, I’ve been engrossed with my handful of sessions with The Walking Dead Boardgame (the one by Z-Man Games). So much so that the print review is coming out this week!


(By the way, there is another boardgame adaptation, based on the hit TV series, and done by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Haven’t tried that though – have you?)


While I was doing some online research for the Z-Man boardgame, I found out that Cryptozoic is releasing a The Walking Dead (TWD) Card Game, this year.


Wow, I can’t wait! I have huge expectations on anything that’s Crypto, going by their slew of card and boardgames. The company’s shown that they make some quality products that is not only gorgeous looking generally, but also great fun, especially for my nascent casual gaming group.


The upcoming card game’s also geared for multiplayer. Bring it on already!


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