FROM an average blogger to a model/actress, and now an ambassador for a regional cosmetics brand, Jayley Woo, 22, has sure come a long way.

The latest face of Silkygirl cosmetics is not only an up-and-coming actress in Singapore, but also a singer and accomplished musician on the guzheng (Chinese zither).

“I never thought I would become an actress,” said Woo. “I’ve always wanted to be a singer and musician, and even though I am a full-time actress now, my passion for music is still the same.”

The Singaporean, whose father is Malaysian, was discovered three years ago when she joined a modelling competition, The New Paper Face, in Singapore.

“I think I stood out more because I’m a little tomboy-ish!” she said with a laugh. At the time, she was already an active blogger, often appearing at fashion events and modelling for online boutiques.

Soon after her big break with The New Paper Face, she made her acting debut in Singaporean TV drama series Jump! – right after she graduated from college – and became a host for a TV lifestyle programme called Style: Check-In.

Despite having no professional training, Woo proved to be just as comfortable acting as she did modelling and singing.

“I don’t know why, but I wasn’t shy at all, even at the beginning of my acting career. It just felt really natural,” she said. “Even the scenes where I had to be crying, I was surprised that I could just cry whenever I needed to.”

Woo, whose older twin sister is also a model, has since taken on some more challenging roles, including one of the lead characters in horror flick Ghost Child alongside Malaysian actress Carmen Soo.

“I also played a killer in an action series called Code Of Law, and it was such a great experience. I never thought I could play such a role,” she said.

And it was precisely because of her easy-going confidence that Silkygirl decided to make her their ambassador.

Silkygirl promotional manager Jolyn Thong said: “We chose Jayley to represent the brand because we think she is exactly what Silkygirl is all about – fun, vibrant, and confident at the same time.”


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