Well, if they could show live streams of Barack Obama being inaugurated, and Michael Jackson’s funeral – why not the sexy legs of Victoria’s Secrets models?

Update: Apparently, I got the time mixed up again. Grr … so you’ll have to settle for the replay instead. Sorry folks!Niki

I have to apologise for the delay in posting this up. I was calculating the time difference and got it all mixed up. So you might have missed the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show livestream, thanks to Bing! but hey, there’s still an hour left for the Pink Carpet at the after-party.

Yup, click on the video below to watch the livestream of the Victoria’s Secrets Pink Carpet!

Watch live streaming video from victoriassecret at

I think it’s wonderful that more and more of these videos are coming onto the web. Of course, with the aforementioned two examples (Obama and MJ), social media was a major part of it. Facebook streamed the videos live with CNN, and allowed users to communicate with one another through a livechat (albeit using status updates – so it annoyed quite a few people).

But this is exciting because it now allows these shows to engage with people from around the world who might not have access to these shows otherwise (short of illegal downloading, that is).

Something else is up this weekend too that you might want to check out. The first ever digital pre-show for the American Music Awards is on this Sunday! It’s a Facebook event (they teamed up with Ustream) so get the details here.

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