Guess the lovely ladies in the collage and stand a chance to win a pair of movie passes. It’s that easy, I promise!

You know I love to give away free stuff right? And thanks to our lovely friends at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), now I have free movie passes to share with you guys!

I want you to win so I’m gonna help out by giving some clues. All you have to do is leave your answers below and I’ll contact the winners through e-mail. Simple, right?

Clues: A  wild-child turned mother, an hotel heiress, she has a booty to be proud of, a vampire lover, she loves to Party in the USA and a former mean girl.

Closing date: Dec 5, 2009 (Saturday). Hurry up!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. This contest has officially ended. Do check your emails to find out if you’re one of the lucky winners.

p/s: Oohhh…so some of you find the contest very, very simple. Haha..okay, I’ll come out with more difficult contests soon. Do  look out for them!

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