Okay, so everyone knows that I am a huge fan of the iPhone. And I can always list out reasons why it is superior to the Blackberry:

  1. It’s prettier
  2. It’s an iPhone
  3. It’s easier to navigate
  4. It’s an iPhone
  5. It has more applications
  6. It’s an iPhone

But really (and I say this hessitantly), I think a lot of it is preference and style. What was the biggest issue, I suppose was the Blackberry had the BB Messenger – which meants that messages among BB users are technically free (since data comes within the package already anyway).

Of course, after the iPhone 3Gs was introduced, came Ping! This was an application that allowed iPhone to iPhone messaging for free (well, using data plans if you’re not hooked up to a WiFi network).

In your face, BB!


Now, there is an alternative for iPhone users in the form of WhatsApp. Personally, I prefer the latter, as it has a nicer interface and appears to be more stable. Plus, because it uses mobile numbers to connect, I don’t have to worry about stalkers *ahem* syiok sendiri moment *ahem* just sending a Ping! to my username which is easy enough to guess.

This also means that I don’t have to scour around asking for Ping! IDs when WhatsApp automatically lists out all my contacts who are using the application.

But that’s not the most exciting part.

WhatsApp is currently doing a private Beta test for 100 BB users. Yes, WhatsApp will eventually support both iPhone and BB. Which can only mean one thing …

So, I popped the magic question to them via Twitter.

WhatsApp Tweet

And the reply was like music to my ears.

WhatsApp Tweet

I can’t wait. Now I’m sure my cellphone charges will drop like crazy. Wahey!

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