Even as I was writing this article, I had already decided on getting my fringe cut.

I’ve always sort of known that whenever I go to a saloon, I have to believe the worst is going to happen, so that the outcome is positive.

The colour touch-up worked out great, and now my hair is one colour again – ash brown.

The bangs, on the other hand, turned out … sigh. (thanks to my ridiculous optimism)

My stylist (whom I love because she does a great job with colour), had for some reason an overwhelming number of customers that particular day, and post dyeing, apologized profusely that she would have to keep me waiting before getting to my trim.

She was still rushing when she got to me, asked me how short I wanted my bangs, and *snipsnipsnip* she was like ‘can?’

Er. I never said I wanted it ‘thinned’ (the method where the scissors cuts into your hair, not across) but alas, it was too late. Suddenly, my hair was like hers – raggedy. It looked great on her because her hair is straight and thick but me oh my oh, not Nasassistic.

What was I to do? I want to come back for my next touch up, so I couldn’t yell at her. And hair when cut is irreversible. So I paid (only for the dye) and went home hoping it looked better in my home mirror.

Nope. So today I’ll be visiting the saloon which I have great bang history with – hopefully it turns out ok. Let you know!

PS: there are no pictures in this entry, hair is hideous. As I type four pins are holding the sad excuse for bangs in place.

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