Fancy a commerce and intrigue-based boardgame? Try out Fantasy Flight Games’ Sky Traders then!


This game of adventure and profit allows you to command a sky ship, as you search for wind-based business opportunities. Beware the Wind Pirates though: these evil bunch will set you back in your game!


The objective of the game is to become the Master of the Sky Guild. You do this by ferrying commodities in your ship. Some are worth more – there’s a handy Commodities Exchange sheet that keeps track of this – so choose wisely!


In short, Sky Traders is a curious blend of resource management, strategy and a little bit of basic economics thrown in, with the obligatory wild cards thrown in (the Wind Pirates). Don’t worry, it’s bags of fun though – no Economics 101 foreknowledge is required!


Sky Traders is available in better game shops everywhere by the way.


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