Those who know me, would know by now that I really don’t devote my time towards the more competitive aspects of trading card games (TCGs).


I love TCGs and all, but I don’t love it that much, to be perfectly honest. Nothing beats the experience of squaring off against each other using a random mix of cards, without the need to be absolutely ruthlessly determined to wipe out my opponent under five turns or less.


Anyway, if competitive TCGs are your thing, for the World of Warcraft (WoW) specifically, then check out Cryptozoic’s latest Asia Pacific Continental Championship 2012 coverage on its website, here, all the way from Beijing, China.


Am already seeing plenty of interesting uses for the new cards. The useful interactions mentioned in the article by Jonathan Lee-Mars, “Sentinel Savagery”, enlightened me enough to make myself go, say, isn’t it time to hit some Tomb of the Forgottten booster packs already? The new stuff looks fricking epic!


Anyway, who’s building a Death Knight deck now?


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