CHRISTINA Aguilera just cannot seem to catch a break these days.

A new lawsuit has been filed against Sony Music claiming that the label has not paid for a sample used in Christina’s 2006 Grammy-winning song Ain’t No Other Man.

Even though the lawsuit doesn’t affect Christina directly, it continues the negative press for the singer just days after her arrest.

I saw Christina’s mugshot online and it is not a pretty sight. She was without (finally!) her clown makeup and looked quite washed out in that photo taken by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office last week. Not a good look on her at all.

The photo was never meant for public viewing as the prosecutors do not plan to press charges but someone at the office must definitely have been an Xtina fan.

The police arrested Christina for public intoxication after being stopped in a car driven by her boyfriend Matthew Rutler. Guess what? The 25-year-old Matt was drunk driving!

According to the, Christina was so drunk that she didn’t know where she was or even her home address.

“When she got out of the car, she couldn’t stand. We had to help her stand,” said the police spokesperson Steve Whitmore.

“We took her into custody for her own protection.”

What was Christina thinking letting her boyfriend take the wheel or even getting into the car with him in the first place? While the world gasped in surprise over the arrest, some Hollywood insiders had already seen this day coming.

The warning had been there for months. The 29-year-old singer was drinking and partying heavily and was basically going out of control. Sources claim that her divorce from husband of five years Jordan Bratman was the starting point of this whole mess. Nevertheless, there are others who claim that the reason why the marriage ended in the first place was because of Christina’s drinking habit.

She then hooked up with Matt, who was a set assistant at her first feature film, Burlesque.

The paparazzi were often around to catch her and Matt stumbling out of clubs late at night, intoxicated and unaware of their surroundings.

The usually low-profile singer also made headlines when she gate crashed actor Jeremy Renner’s 40th birthday party and was later found by the birthday boy sprawled on his bed in his bedroom.

Xtina and her bad boy Matt

Xtina and her bad boy Matt

OMG, how embarassing! Yeah, it’s true that the world always knew that Christina is a wild child at heart but this is plain crazy.

As crazy as Britney Spears was in her ‘mental breakdown’ days, nobody complained of finding her drunk and uninvited in their bed.

Oh, how I remember the fresh-faced Christina who swayed her tiny hips to the tune of Genie in a Bottle back in the late 90s? How innocent she looked.

Yeah, and then Stripped happened in 2002 and she simply became a naughty, Dirrrty girl.

Back in the noughties, Christina and Britney ruled the airwaves with their catchy tunes, sexy videoclips and sent boys and girls crazy with their hot moves.

Also in the race was another blonde (when her hair is not pink or green or blue) Alecia Moore also better known as Pink.

She had a rebellious streak from the beginning and wasn’t afraid of showing off her tattooed self, speak her mind and simply be outrageous.

Many of us thought that Pink was the troublemaker among the singers, but guess what? She is not. She is now happily married and expecting a child soon. Best of all, had not been in the headlines for any wrong reasons.

Pink, who heard about Christina’s arrest, quickly took to her Twitter account to post this message:

From Pink's Twitter account

From Pink's Twitter account

The arrest was just one of the many downfalls Christina has had in the recent months. Last year, she got divorced, her so-called comeback album Bionic was a failure and people accused her of trying to copy Lady Gaga’s image.

More recently though, she suffered a major blow with her first feature film being a total disaster, caused a major hoo-ha messing up the lyrics to the American national anthem at the Super Bowl finals and stumbled on stage after performing at the Grammys.

All these missteps are happening all at once in Christina’s life, and her friends worry she’ll go down the wrong path. Yup, the same path that Britney took which ended up with her losing her mind, her hair and custody over her children.

Let’s hope that Christina knows better than to take the same route…

* Sharm says: You know what could help Christina get her life back on track? A Genie in a Bottle.

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