Leaked photos of Xiaomi’s first laptop (apparently)

The first photos and specs of the rumoured Xiaomi Laptop have allegedly been “leaked”, and, dare we say, it looks rather familiar…

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Sony to release ‘The Interview’ on Christmas. Obama approves.

Looks like Sony will release The Interview on Christmas after all, with U.S. president Barack Obama backing the move.

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Dummies’ guide to Christmas shopping for gamers

Here’s a list of the only five Christmas gift ideas for Gamers you’ll need to know during your shopping.

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U.S. says North Korea is behind Sony hack

It now looks like American officials believe North Korea is “centrally involved” in the recent Sony hacking and information leaks.

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The Sony hacking: What you need to know

Eight things you should know about the hacking that has rocked Hollywood.

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Flying high

R.AGE hopped aboard a thrilling ride with cheerleading team, Awesome Legends.

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Island adventure

Our last BRATs programme of the year will see another 40 aspiring journalists explore the island of Langkawi.

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Boarding pass

R.AGE catches up with pro skateboarders Matt Miller, Wes Kremer, Tommy Fynn and Madars Apse.

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League Of Legends tournament fills World Cup stadium

Our guy JC Lam was on location in South Korea for the massive League of Legends World Championship, where US$2.13mil was up for grabs.

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A league of their own

Professional League of Legends players from Kuala Lumpur Hunters are living the dream – getting paid to play computer games.

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