Our last BRATs programme of the year will see another 40 aspiring journalists explore the mystical island of Langkawi.

IT’S that time again for (no, not Christmas) our final BRATs camp of the year, kicking off tomorrow in the beautiful island of Langkawi!

Taking place at the picturesque Berjaya Langkawi Resort from Dec 10-13, the camp will see 40 aspiring young journalists scouring the island for insightful stories, stunning photos and engaging videos as part of BRATs Langkawi 2014.

First on the programme will be training sessions by our friendly R.AGE team of journalists, photographers and videographers on everything they’ll need to know about the job.
Then, they will spend the next two days carrying out exciting field assignments, including going behind the scenes at Underwater World Langkawi to hang out with penguins and other exotic creatures as well as taking part in an educational cruise in the open ocean around the island!

Upon graduating from the camp, all the participants will officially join our team of young BRATs journalists and will be privy to many activities and opportunities in the future.

It’s going to be a blast, so be sure to follow the BRATs’ adventures in Langkawi as they post live updates on Twitter and Instagram (using the handle @starbrats).

If you’re bummed about missing out on this year’s BRATs programmes, then be sure to sign up for BRATs 2015 by logging on to or e-mail us at


Former magazine and advertising writer who took up the job at R.AGE hoping to make a difference through his writing. Went undercover to research college marijuana dealers recently – that was pretty cool. Oh, and he’s the drummer for the band Once Upon A Time There Was A….. Never mind.

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